Good Professional Practice

Recommendations for Good Professional Practice

1. Company Analysis

The consultant company representative has analysed the client business and organisation and met the client at least once before starting the assignment. The executive search client has been informed of the executive search company’s personnel, methods and other resources.

Should in the early negotiations there appear factors against good professional practice, according to consultant’s professional knowledge and experience, he has the obligation to refuse the assignment.

2. Written Contract

The written assignment contract is normally based on a quotation, which describes the assignment nature, extent of service, key tasks and responsibilities of person searched and the selection criteria. The quotation and contract also include the commercial terms and timeline for executing the assignment plan.

3. Off-limits

The parties acknowledge the potential limitations when signing the contract, which can arise for example from other business contacts of for example the client or the consultant company.

4. Selection responsibility of Consultant Company

The contract specifies the consultant company’s selection responsibility and duration. Usually this is followed by monitoring success after selection. FEX – Member Company does not hire any person and does not cause recruitment of any person from defined client organisation after completing the assignment. Specifications regarding client organisation must be made when drafting the contract.

5. Terminating assignment

The assignment can be terminated due to many reasons. The contract should specify the methods and mutual terms in case of termination.

6. Confidentiality and professional secrecy

The information regarding client company and its personnel, received by the consultant as well as information produced by the consultant to the client is absolutely confidential and must not be transferred to third party without permission of party concerned.

Negotiations between the consultant and candidates are also confidential and information regarding them cannot be given to third party without permission of party concerned. Assignment completion can in special circumstances have separate confidentiality agreements.

7. Other obligations of Consultant Company

Consultant company is obligated to report the names and contact details of persons participating in the assignment, separately mentioning person in charge. The client will be informed of assignment progress and instances, which can affect successful completion of the assignment.

8. Disputes regarding contracts

The contract should specify the proceedings in case of interpretation dispute. Unless the parties reach mutual understanding, the client or Association Member Company can request the FEX Board to establish a mediation committee mentioned in Association’s rules.

9. Other

Consultant Company or its employee shall in no circumstance receive monetary fee or other benefit from a private individual to promote his/her selection to any position. Activity against good professional practice can result in admonition, warning or discharge from the Association.