Membership Obligations

FEX Membership Obligations

The member companies have publicly committed to comply with principles listed below towards different parties concerned.

Towards society

Member will comply with laws, degrees and recommendations regarding for inter alia data protection, privacy policy and equality in his own business and work assignments.

Towards client company

The member will carefully fulfil the obligations of assignment contract, is loyal and objective towards it, the member will observe the recommendations regarding good corporate governance when executing assignment.

Towards Competitors and own Profession

The member will behave respectfully towards competitors, complies with fair competition methods in quotations and promotes appreciation for his/her profession by his/her conduct.

Towards Candidates

The member is honest and just in his/her conduct, treats candidates with respect and equality, complies with the ethically and scientifically approved methods in acquiring information and evaluating candidates.

General Obligations

The profession emphasises professional confidentiality, accuracy, nonalignment and equity.